France - Dordogne: A delicate savor of France

Duration: 8 Days

Price per Person

Dordogne : A delicate savour of France   
Known to the French as “Périgord”, the Dordogne “département”, is named after the most important of the region’s seven rivers. The area is a celebration of colour and diversity of landscape. It is also called the “Land of the 1001 sites”. To walk here is to travel through time.

Here you will discover unspoilt nature, grandiose landscapes and a plethora of magical sights teeming with history: in the small town of les Eyzies, the centre of pre-historic studies, we can recount the history of the region thanks to the newly rebuilt Museum of Pre-History.
Many castles from the Middle Ages and Renaissance periods, testimony to the Hundred Years’ War and Wars of Religion that raged here; medieval villages full of character (among the "Plus beaux villages de France"); romanesque churches adorned with sculpted tympanums.

The Périgord is also envied the world over for the splendours of its traditional gastronomy. High-quality products used in the preparation of its local cuisine include foie gras, other duck- and goose-based ingredients, the famous black truffles of the Périgord, chestnuts, walnuts, and Périgord strawberries, not forgetting the wines of Bergerac, produced from top grape varieties on land that neighbours the "grands crus classés" of Bordeaux.

Choosing to visit the Dordogne with One Foot Abroad, is to choose the perfect itinerary encompassing all the variety and highlights, from Sarlat to Les Eyzies, with the castles and river as a guide. We named this trip: “a delicate savour of France” for a compelling reason: because it is!

Good food and wine, this is paradise on earth” said France’s much loved king, Henri IV.